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Saturday, December 21, 2013

There's something missing in my heart

yup, there's something missing in my heart and i dono what it is. i can't sleep tho i am so tired.
help me, God. Backstreet Boys' song running in my mind...
Show me the meaning of being lonely....there's something missing in my heart....lalala

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Losing my skin... AGAIN and worst...

2011 begin with a record breaking of me losing the most skin. sob sob. what a history maker!!

 Left hand peel like crazy. Doc say is eczema. Don't know allergy to what. So, added to my 2011 new year resolution is to find out what am I allergy to.
 Thank God, right hand not as serious as left. If not, really hard to do work. Even now i touch my mouse and things also pain :(. Avoid water at all cost !! (impossible)

New year, same place, same dream

Cant believe that this is the 3rd week of new year d. Too busy with work. Anyway i just reserve this space for this post title 1st cos i wanna post bout other things. LOL.  Update later :p

Monday, October 18, 2010

the first dream (nightmare actually) (continued)

As i had said in previous post, here is the first dream (nightmare) Haha.
The first time was i dream of her waking me up on a weekend a few weeks ago. It seemed so real cause that time i have to sleep really sideways cause of the great fall and my body and hands always get cramps. In the dream, I was sleeping in the same position and she came into my room and wake me up and i didn't want to wake up. My body was also cramp (in real life and in the dream) and i was like trying to move my cramped hand to signal "don't disturb,  i wanna sleep". I woke up in relief and also cramp that no one is waking me up. LOL. How real i thought the situation in the dream was. Phew. May i not have this type of nightmare anymore.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Invaded dreams!!

This morning i woke up feeling very tired and moody, partly because it is a Monday morning (Monday blues) but the main reason is i had a funny but yet scary dream. Guess what? I dream of my landlord. Oh man, this is the 2nd time i dream bout her...:(

Will tell about the 1st dream another time.. Cant imagine that she is giving me so much stress that even my subconscious mind is thinking bout it.. Speechless.Yesterday, i dream about arguing with her (forgot about what-but i guess must be some petty stuff as usual) but i remember she chase me out - verbally la. Scary man cause all the while i have to be careful of her, just not knowing she will sort of scold me or comment bad bout me. Stress-nya. And now she is invading into my dreams. Help!! I wake up feeling like i didn't sleep cause of the dream- like i am really experiencing it. Sigh. She is so stingy and fussy, that even though i try my best to tolerate and save my usage on electric etc, she is still not satisfied. Dont know what can I do already :(. Everyday when coming back from work, feel tired and still have to face her, seriously i don't feel like coming back.

Can only pray and be more patient while counting to the end of this month.. Time pass faster pls but then after this intern, I will be officially jobless.Before that, hope to enjoy convo first and savvy buffets. lol. Food makes me happy. Wakaka. Pls no more 3rd time of this dream, not dream but nightmare actually !! No more pls

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tiredness till when??

Tiredness fill my heart. Suppose to play badminton today, but the court owner though we book tomorrow. So cant play cos there's people who book and were playing there. Haiz, how disapointed me and my friends were when the owner say that he heard wrong. Somemore, i just change my grip today and was excited to try it out since i never use this Karakal nano 180 before. But the main thing is to exercise, throw some smashes and release stress after having a bad week at work and as usual everyday at home (not home, is house).

Oh man, i feel so tired now, even more tired than playing badminton. Continue next time :(.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cotton stuck to my head for 1 Week!!. Yerr!!

This is the consequences of humpty dumpty having a great fall. I feel down in toilet and injured my head. 3 stitches and a cotton wool stuck to my head. Dont know what is the cotton for. So gross. Yucks. Will write about the fall more detailed as now not in the mood of writing and dont want to overload my head after the big bang. Haha. Just pics for now....

Day 1 of the fall. This is how it looks like after the stitch. The doc say he tied butterfly knot (I dont know what it means. ??? )

Another angle

Day 3 after the fall. The cotton had become more brown and my sis say it is like fish egg. What!! So geli. Haha

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tableless life...

Hmm, not exactly tableless but can say no proper table. This small table is what i hv been using for the past 3 months already in my room. It is not even enough for me to put my mouse on the table. LOL. Actually can squeeze in the mouse but mouse pad wont fit and there is insufficient space to move my mouse. haha. Sometimes is very tiring when sit long on the bed, facing a small table and my laptop.

Not only tableless here but also at work. Want to know why tableless at work and at home (not really home, so should say is house/room), check out my next post as im tired n going to zzzz now. Haha. C ya. Nites or should i say morning since is already 1AM :p